4 Reasons Why Pregnant Milk is Important for Pregnant Women

Every pregnant woman is recommended to always meet their nutritional needs every day. Therefore, they must consume foods that are healthy and nutritionally balanced. In addition, in order to supplement the nutritional supply of food, pregnant women are also encouraged to drink pregnant milk.

In fact, complete and balanced nutrition is the most important thing that must always be considered by pregnant women. According to Dr. Reza Fahlevi, the adequacy of nutrition that is always fulfilled is very useful in supporting pregnancy so smoothly until delivery.

The importance of pregnant milk
If you are currently pregnant, you may be advised by a doctor or people around to drink pregnant milk. Here are some reasons that can underlie these recommendations:

Complete nutritional content
Pregnant milk is superior in terms of nutritional content. This is none other than because pregnant milk is equipped with iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, and E, as well as folic acid, AA and DHA which are adjusted to the needs during pregnancy.

Low fat and cholesterol content
High saturated fat levels in ordinary milk should be aware of, because it can be dangerous for pregnancy. During pregnancy, low-fat milk and cholesterol are a late choice.

Well, pregnant milk contains less fat and cholesterol than regular milk. This makes pregnant women safe from the threat of high cholesterol, as long as the pregnant milk is consumed in the appropriate amount.

Reducing the risk of disease during pregnancy
As explained earlier, pregnant milk has complete nutritional content and has been adapted to the daily needs of pregnant women. This makes pregnant women who consume them avoid a variety of diseases, one of which is anemia.

“With this additional nutrition, the blood volume in pregnant women can increase so it is not prone to anemia or lack of blood,” said Dr. Grace Valentine.

Supports fetal nerve development
A series of nutrients present in pregnant milk, which are not found in other milk, can help support the development of fetal nerves. The content of folic acid in pregnant milk that has been adjusted to the needs of pregnant women has also been proven to reduce the risk of neural tube defects.

There are several reasons that make pregnant milk an important intake during pregnancy. Even so, you still need to remember that pregnant milk is only a supplementary intake, not the main one. Because the supply of the best and most important nutrients comes from healthy foods that you consume daily.

So, if you are pregnant and want to feel all the goodness of pregnant milk, it never hurts to first consult a doctor. This is done so you can find out the dose and type of pregnant milk that best suits the conditions of pregnancy. Thus, the benefits will be truly optimal.